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Kirk Wall starring with symphony orchestra
Literally millions of people have delighted as Kirk Wall donned his pros-teeth-is, turning him from a classical violinist to a fiddle player with Billy and the Hillbillies. This band shows Kirk not only as a singer, dancer & comedian, but also as a fine musician on guitar and violin. Click the gold buttons to listen.

Kirk can usually be seen with this band at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Saloon Saturday - Wednesday, five shows a day. He's also done Hillbilly symphony orchestra dates as shown at left. They have several fan sites, the best of which is here.

Billy Roll is from the Billy Beethovan CD Single - 2 songs, one with brief Kirk Wall vocal
Billy Roll by Billy and the Hillbillies, Kirk Wall vocals from Billy Beethovan Suite CD single

Battle of New Orleans is one of 3 Kirk Wall vocals on 13-song Billy & the Hillbillies CD
The Classics from Billy and the Hillbillies CD

The Letter from The Billys CD, I Want U 2 Want Me. Click to hear
teeth Kirk Wall performing Stayin' Alive Billy
Stayin' Alive. Click to listen

Concert photo by Ron & Jane Laird. Used with permission. Web site and all olther photos © K. Moser, Wallfans.org, 2002
To book Kirk Wall call 714-447-8822. Please tell them you got the number from KAT.